Born in Kerala, India, Bhavik Sreenath Nair has been a car enthusiast for as long as he can remember, regularly seeing military vehicles as a child and letting this inspiration grow into a passion for nearly all things on four wheels. And with a journalism degree in hand from Bangalore's Christ University, as well as previous experience in the field, he's ready to make it his dream job, with automotive journalism as his perfect job.

With experience at online publications like Top Speed, Bhavik cites early 2000's car review programmes such as Top Gear and Fifth Gear as his inspiration, and would be interested in hosting online series of his own, alongside written pieces, once having completed his degree. This young up-and-comer has a promising career ahead in the automotive journalism sector, and is certainly one to look out for in the future.
Charles Smart looking serious

Charles Smart is never too far away from a car magazine. If you see a Japanese car magazine on a table, you know in a few minutes or so, Charles will appear as if from thin air. This is no surprise since he owns around 200 of them. Born in Bath in 2001 Charles has been into cars from an early age, ever since he can remember – even suggesting that his first word was “car”. After getting a 2:1 in Video Game Development and Artwork from Falmouth University he decided to make a change and go back to his first love, cars. Charles has expertise in writing articles on Facebook mostly writing about period Japanese cars from the 1970s and 1980s, which are his favourite era of cars, since 2018. Fun fact, Charles has not cut his hair since 2012 meaning that Toyota has sold 983,914 cars since his last haircut. He chose to study Automotive Journalism at Coventry University simply because he wants to drive around in cars and write about them. His dream car to review would be an older model Mercedes-AMG C126 S Class AMG wide body, simply because it was the first car he could think of. 

Mike Bartholomew is an aspiring automotive journalist from the Yorkshire coast. Fascinated by the entire automotive spectrum, from the latest supercars and EVs to historical oddities and everything in between, cars have been an all-consuming part of his life.

He graduated from the University of Sheffield in 2020 with an degree in History before starting an MA in Automotive Journalism at Coventry University the following year.


陈哲然, Zheran Chen, born June 13th, 1997, in Jiangxi, China. He graduated from Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology with a major in vehicle engineering, and studied Automotive Journalism MA in Coventry University from 2020 to 2021. From an early age, under the influence of British car programs such as Top Gear and Fifth Gear, Zheran has developed a keen interest in British car culture. During high school, he served as the manager of China's Top Gear fan’s Forum. Since university, he has served as the news officer of the Chinese Le Mans LMP2 team, the publishing translator of the China Machine Industry Press, has published several Motoring books and established his own car culture media company. Zheran's followers in Chinese media now exceeds 2 million, He hopes that through his efforts, the car culture will be loved by more Chinese people.


Cars and the automotive industry are what has put Ryan in the driving seat to aspire to become an automotive journalist. He believes design significantly contributes to a car's success and prefers revolutionary and scupltured designs over evolutionary designs. Some of his favourite pieces include the Range Rover Velar and Jaguar XK. Ryan's fascination with automotive styling is the reason he initially wanted to study automotive design. However he decided that talking and writing about the products and the industry was more suited to him. Ryan is always keeping up to date on all automotive news, from the latest launches announced online to used buyers' guides in magazines. You will also find him attending motor shows across the UK, but his dream is to visit and present at motoring events across the world like Geneva or Shanghai. Ryan has had previous experience working with automotive brands such as Vauxhall and BMW. It's these reasons why he wants to share his passion of cars with the rest of the world and go above and beyond.


George graduated from Oxford Brookes University with a degree in Real Estate Management in 2019 and began his working life as a surveyor in commercial property. His position was made redundant following the Covid-19 pandemic and ensuing recession. For George, this was an opportunity to change his path and follow his dream of becoming an automotive journalist. An enthusiast for anything with four wheels, George is looking forward to grasping the exciting changes and challenges that the automotive industry is facing, and building on his knowledge with experience. His aspirations are to work for an automotive platform where he can share his passion for cars with other enthusiasts, readers, viewers and buyers. In his spare time, you can either find George writing his blog, photographing cars for his Instagram page, or dreaming up ideas for new articles.


It was back in 2011 when Federico graduated with a business degree from a London University that he started his automotive journey. 

Since then, he has worked for automotive brands such as Ford, Fiat and Mercedes-Benz as a marketeer. It was working on those beautiful advertising campaigns for great automotive brands that made him decide he actually wanted to write and talk about the cars from those ads. 

In the near future, he sees himself traveling around the world to big and small automotive shows to report on the new cars that will come next. As well as doing that, he wants to write features on the latest sports car launches and comment on sales strategies. He plans to create a personal website or social channel for reviewing cars, both vintage and new. 


Joe Pepper graduated from Coventry University's BA Journalism course early in 2020, but due to his enthusiasm in motoring, particularly in motorsport, decided to specialise in automotive journalism. With an interest in such a wide range of motorsports, from open wheel racing, to endurance and sports car racing, to two-wheeled action on superbikes, it is not only the close racing and action that keeps Joe interested, but also learning about key technical aspects that make modern motorsports what it is today. Joe is an avid sim-racer, and where he may not have the skills or resources to race in real life, he spends his spare weekends partaking in endurance events in iRacing to fulfill the desire to race. Although still a student, Joe intends to move on to work in the automotive journalism field in some capacity, whether in public relations, motorsports coverage, or content creation for automotive magazines, it's working alongside the cars that pushes Joe in pursuing a career in journalism.

You can find Joe on Twitter and Instagram.


After completeing his undergraduate in Multimedia Journalism, Ellis Hyde chose to combine his three central passions of photography, writing and cars into one career path and is now an aspiring automotive journalist. He spends most of his time outside of studying either; devouring the latest content every major automotive outlet, working on film projects and pushing his creative limits with his photography work. While classic cars certainly hold a place in his heart, like his tech, he's all about the latest and greatest from today's manufacturers. His goal is to work at one of the same motoring magazines he's been reading for years and inspired him to jump into the automotive world, and bring his voice into this field.


Trystan Finocchiaro is an aspiring motoring journalist with a heavy interest in the motorcycle racing world. Trystan has been racing motorbikes since 2012, competing in several different classes including the World Supersport 300 category in the World Superbike championship, and various classes in the British Superbike paddock. Whilst maintaining his racing, he is also one of two commentators for Motorsport Media Ltd's coverage ofthe junior partner series to the British Superbike championship, the Fab-Racing Minibike British Championships. Trystan also writes feature and news-based articles for the bike section of Motorsport Media's online website Motorsport Radio, which he started just after graduating from BA Journalism degree at Coventry University. He has also had past experiences working for television channel Eurosport UK as a runner at coverage of the 2019 British Superbike Championship. Whilst studying journalism Trystan was also involved in setting up an online for automotive news called 3WheelDrive, which also hosted a weekly automotive based podcast. 



Born into a family, where cars and motorsport was a big part of family life, Sarah developed her own love for motoring. Growing up was a mixture of various motorsports and Top Gear on the TV and the occasional weekend at Autograss events.

Her main loves are Formula One and Mustangs. One of dreams came true in 2019 when she got to drive 2 Ford Mustangs at a track day.

Whilst studying PR and Communications, she developed an interest in Social Media and its advantages for engagement. Which lead to her dissertation on the use of social media within Formula One. Her goal is to be on the social media team for F1 team, enjoying the behind the scenes and travelling. 

MichaelLearProfileMichael Lear is an aspiring motoring journalist with a passion for cars, motorsport and writing. In September 2019, he enrolled on the MA Automotive Journalism course at Coventry University to help fulfil his ambition of securing a job writing for an automotive magazine or website. He founded his own blog (Petrolhead) in 2018 while attending Rally Finland, where he produced daily articles reporting on the event as it unfolded. In 2016, he was the proud recipient of the Midland Group of Motoring Writers’ Phil Llewellin Award for motoring journalism (senior section). Aged 15, he wrote his first published article for the MSA magazine (now called Revolution) about his experiences as a cadet rally marshal.

sophie-profile.jpgAfter taking on a huge challenge and producing a drifting documentary as a newbie to the car scene, Sophie left university with a fresh Multimedia Broadcast journalism degree and an addiction different to most students - cars. She spends her weekends at car meets or drifting events, and her Mondays studying for her MA in Automotive Journalism. The key to her heart has to be a noisy stripped out drift car, but she always has time to appreciate classics, muscle cars and even bikes. Sophie is slowly but surely learning to drift and developing her automotive photography. Her goal is to be a motorsport presenter – ideally dangerously close to the action or soaking in the atmosphere of the pits.


Ronak Surana 02Ronak Surana started his journey into the fascinating world of automobiles at the age of six, picking up his first auto magazine. Since then he has never looked back. While growing up, he went on to gain as much knowledge as he could about the automotive industry by continuing to read books, watch videos and attend as many car events as possible. Coming from a background with a family business nowhere related to cars, he studied Bachelors of Business Administration, and after working for a few years, he quit his business for his love for cars. His zeal to turn his passion into his profession led him to take up the MA Automotive Journalism at Coventry University. Ronak wants to drive and write about as many cars as possible, and become a renowned name in the journalism industry. He dreams of driving the best cars in the world around the best driving roads in the world, and he thinks that dream is only getting closer to becoming a reality!


Dylan after driving a Formula 4 car. Dylan Paddison is a petrol-head, Formula 1 fan, kart racer, and motoring blogger. In other words, he likes cars, and is a current student in Coventry University’s MA Automotive Journalism program. Hailing from Texas, Dylan obtained an Entrepreneurship BA from the University of Houston in 2016. He then sampled various career options, such as turning wrenches in a vintage specialist garage and working for Pirelli North America's sales team. During that time, Dylan launched a personal website, authoring low-rent car reviews and articles. This “work” catalyzed his pursuit of an automotive journalism career. He plans to accrue as much seat time as possible, whether faced with a keyboard or a steering wheel.

photo of me in carDavid Kirby is a modern car and classic car enthusiast, student of MA Automotive Journalism at Coventry University, who aspires to enter this field on completion of his Masters. As well as this, he is actively blogging, contributor to articles for the Rover 200 Owners Club, improving his skills in automotive photography and is currently integrating with individuals involved with Automotive Journalism. David is a former BA Business & Management graduate, and from a Motor Trade background, who has 5 years of broad knowledge of customer service, sales of new and used vehicles, and being a leader for his colleagues. His passion was always cars from the moment his first words were ‘car keys’ and this passion shows no sign of disappearing anytime soon, especially as the industry and the car move into new horizons and challenges, which he can’t wait to experience first hand.


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Venkatesh Koushik has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from India. He decided to change direction and is studying MA Automotive Journalism at Coventry University, UK. Having a keen interest in cars from childhood, he designed and developed go-karts and cars with his team as an undergraduate student. Analyzing all the difficulties one has to face in order to do something in the field of motorsports and development, he decided to use the automotive journalism platform to develop motorsports into a dependable career option in the world. Another major field of interest for Venkatesh apart from motorsports is automotive design. Venkatesh plans to use the Automotive Journalism platform to make designers aware of the design history of the manufacturers and help them in incorporating old age design with the new age design.

farisFaris S. Sultan is a 21-year-old student, born in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. He graduated from Nottingham Trent University in 2018 with a BA in Marketing. Faris has been interested and passionate about cars and the automotive industry since childhood as he enjoyed collecting and playing with car models. Subsequently, this hobby developed into automotive photography. He is currently interested in automotive journalism and he spends a considerable amount of time reading and watching automotive related content to educate himself about cars and the industry. With his commitment to pursuing a career in automotive journalism and working in a relevant professional setting, he decided to pursue a master’s degree in Automotive Journalism at Coventry University in 2018-19. Faris loves to drive his Abarth 500 on small twisty mountain roads and enjoys experiencing different cars whenever he gets the chance.


16716230 10212224344506584 5582466592970015251 oPraveer Singh is a graduate in journalism from the University of Delhi. He is pursuing a Master’s degree in Automotive Journalism at Coventry University. He connects immediately with cars and motor heads. Enthusiastically collects journals, merchandise and leaps at opportunities to interact with cars and petrol-heads. Having been brought up with endless car talks, he spent his time tinkering with these beautiful machines and then sewing his own stories. His appreciation of detail goes from aesthetics of car design to stories of the people behind them. Finds role-models in icons from the yesteryears, from where he also acquires a classic taste. Plans to follow the food trails and capture the cultural ethos of places with road trips around the globe. Auto enthusiast by birth. Journalist by education. Auto journalist by profession?

Khoi An Do is a young and fresh journalist, car enthusiast with an eternal passion for classic machines. A BA English Translation graduate, Khoi started out as translator. He later left to follow his passion and got the first experience of the automotive industry was with a Nissan dealership. Here Khoi worked as a salesman and got exposed to various knowledge about cars. This occupation was the decisive factor in his pursuit of becoming a car journalist. In taking his first step to achieve his dream career, Khoi applied to Coventry University and is now an MA Automotive Journalism student. He aims to emerge as a recognized personality in the automotive industry.

Yash SunilSince his childhood Yash Sunil Krishnan has always been fascinated with Automobiles, the cars their make, their styling, he could tell the make of the car by looking at their headlights. This fascination over a period of years slowly developed into a passion. Fueled by that passion Yash started to take his baby steps into the world of Automotive Journalism by completeing his Bachlors in Mass Media first and is currenty studying MA in Automotive Journalism at Coventry University. Yash has also gained some experience in the Automotive sector while interning at evo India, which helped him improve his writing and also improve his knowledge of the Automotive Sector. Yash also fancies in a lot of road trips and has travelled from the north of India all the way till sourthern most tip of India, his ultimate road trip is a intercontinental drive from India all the way to London.


MDMichael Docherty is a blogger and car journalist, who is currently studying at Coventry University. He is the editor for the motoring section of the student journalism website, Kettle Mag.  He is in charge of a small team and focuses on writing articles and suggestions for further content. Michael lives in the North East and has links with both car dealers and organisations, which allows him to get information first hand. During his journalism career, he has completed work experience with Parkers, Metro Radio and the Hartlepool Mail. He has his own website, 'MDochertyUK' and has visited London, Geneva and Los Angeles, and tries to write articles for a worldwide audience. One of his first car launches was at the Hudson Loft in Downtown Los Angeles, with Honda for the Civic Si.

profilepic2Emily is a motorcycle enthusiast, with her main interest being motorcycle racing. She currently writes for four different motorsport websites; Motofire, L&T Motorsport, The Checkered Flag and Inside Racing, covering all areas of two wheeled racing from MotoGP to Speedway. She also works as Social Media and Editorial Assistant for Canadian based motorcycle GPS app, EatSleepRIDE and runs and edits her own website Full Throttle Motorsport which has an ever-growing team of writers. Emily has a first class honours degree from the Manchester Metropolitan University in Creative Writing, and is studying for her Masters degree in Automotive Journalism at Coventry University, receiving the Kevin Ash Memorial Scholarship for motorcycle writers from the Motorcycle Industry Association.

狄钺(Yue Di) born in 1993, Xi'an,China. He graduated from faculty of hunanity and education of Xi'an Eurasia University, during that period the spare time had been made a good use reading, taking courses and experiencing related things. He is studying at MA automotive journalism of Coventry University in 2017-2018. In his words that auto is his first love, being professional is due to the great enthusiasm. He also intrested in other machines, photograghing, traveling, driving and riding for sure and so on. He has contributed several design scripts, auto industry analyses and car test reports to Chinese domestic auto medias and had an auto photo exhibition in 2015, he often took part in various civil car and motorcycle racing and other activities. He worked as a intership in a used car program of Shaanxi province TV station, after that he had a more steadfast determination to hold the dream on automotive journalism and future auto media carrer.

AN 2991Andrew Noakes trained as an automotive engineer but decided writing about cars would be more fun than designing them. His first full-time journalism job was on Fast Car magazine where he became technical editor, and later he founded the classic car title Classics. He went freelance in 2002 and has since written for a wide range of magazines and websites on topics as diverse as Formula 1 two-seaters, 2CV-based sports cars and the width of Jim Clark’s bottom. He is also the author of more than 20 books on motoring and motor sport, winning the Timo Makinen Trophy for his book Ford Cosworth DFV. Alongside his writing work he is course director of Coventry University’s unique Masters degree course in automotive journalism, and is deputy chairman of the Guild of Motoring Writers.