Ronak Surana 02Ronak Surana started his journey into the fascinating world of automobiles at the age of six, picking up his first auto magazine. Since then he has never looked back. While growing up, he went on to gain as much knowledge as he could about the automotive industry by continuing to read books, watch videos and attend as many car events as possible. Coming from a background with a family business nowhere related to cars, he studied Bachelors of Business Administration, and after working for a few years, he quit his business for his love for cars. His zeal to turn his passion into his profession led him to take up the MA Automotive Journalism at Coventry University. Ronak wants to drive and write about as many cars as possible, and become a renowned name in the journalism industry. He dreams of driving the best cars in the world around the best driving roads in the world, and he thinks that dream is only getting closer to becoming a reality!