Joe Pepper graduated from Coventry University's BA Journalism course early in 2020, but due to his enthusiasm in motoring, particularly in motorsport, decided to specialise in automotive journalism. With an interest in such a wide range of motorsports, from open wheel racing, to endurance and sports car racing, to two-wheeled action on superbikes, it is not only the close racing and action that keeps Joe interested, but also learning about key technical aspects that make modern motorsports what it is today. Joe is an avid sim-racer, and where he may not have the skills or resources to race in real life, he spends his spare weekends partaking in endurance events in iRacing to fulfill the desire to race. Although still a student, Joe intends to move on to work in the automotive journalism field in some capacity, whether in public relations, motorsports coverage, or content creation for automotive magazines, it's working alongside the cars that pushes Joe in pursuing a career in journalism.

You can find Joe on Twitter and Instagram.