Charles Smart is never too far away from a car magazine. If you see a Japanese car magazine on a table, you know in a few minutes or so, Charles will appear as if from thin air. This is no surprise since he owns around 200 of them. Born in Bath in 2001 Charles has been into cars from an early age, ever since he can remember – even suggesting that his first word was “car”. After getting a 2:1 in Video Game Development and Artwork from Falmouth University he decided to make a change and go back to his first love, cars. Charles has expertise in writing articles on Facebook mostly writing about period Japanese cars from the 1970s and 1980s, which are his favourite era of cars, since 2018. Fun fact, Charles has not cut his hair since 2012 meaning that Toyota has sold 983,914 cars since his last haircut. He chose to study Automotive Journalism at Coventry University simply because he wants to drive around in cars and write about them. His dream car to review would be an older model Mercedes-AMG C126 S Class AMG wide body, simply because it was the first car he could think of.