Cars and the automotive industry are what has put Ryan in the driving seat to aspire to become an automotive journalist. He believes design significantly contributes to a car's success and prefers revolutionary and scupltured designs over evolutionary designs. Some of his favourite pieces include the Range Rover Velar and Jaguar XK. Ryan's fascination with automotive styling is the reason he initially wanted to study automotive design. However he decided that talking and writing about the products and the industry was more suited to him. Ryan is always keeping up to date on all automotive news, from the latest launches announced online to used buyers' guides in magazines. You will also find him attending motor shows across the UK, but his dream is to visit and present at motoring events across the world like Geneva or Shanghai. Ryan has had previous experience working with automotive brands such as Vauxhall and BMW. It's these reasons why he wants to share his passion of cars with the rest of the world and go above and beyond.