Yash SunilSince his childhood Yash Sunil Krishnan has always been fascinated with Automobiles, the cars their make, their styling, he could tell the make of the car by looking at their headlights. This fascination over a period of years slowly developed into a passion. Fueled by that passion Yash started to take his baby steps into the world of Automotive Journalism by completeing his Bachlors in Mass Media first and is currenty studying MA in Automotive Journalism at Coventry University. Yash has also gained some experience in the Automotive sector while interning at evo India, which helped him improve his writing and also improve his knowledge of the Automotive Sector. Yash also fancies in a lot of road trips and has travelled from the north of India all the way till sourthern most tip of India, his ultimate road trip is a intercontinental drive from India all the way to London.