As Christmas approaches, Lamborghini has surprised everyone with a gift in the form of the new Aventador S, and by god what a gift it is. It wasn’t like the Aventador wasn’t beautiful or powerful before, but someone at the Italian supercar manufacturer thought that there is more that can be done to the supercar and voila, here’s the Aventador S. It has an additional 39bhp and a whole lot more going under that drop dead gorgeous bodywork.

Here are five reasons as to why we are drooling over the new Aventador S.

1. Engine

The Aventador S receives the 6.5-litre naturally aspirated V12 of the current car. But it has another 39bhp to make whopping 730bhp, plus 690Nm of torque. Lamborghini has retuned the variable valve timing and variable intake system, the rev limiter has also been raised from 8,350 to 8,500rpm. This added power now allows the supercar to complete 0-100km/h sprints in 2.9 seconds and takes the Aventador S to a top speed of 349km/h.

2. New Driving modes

Lamborghini always gave the customers the option to choose between Strada, Sport and Corsa driving modes. Strada is for daily driving and makes the car all comfortable and easy to drive. Sport makes the supercar a bit more nimble on its feet and makes the gear changes faster along with a much more responsive throttle response. The Corsa mode transforms the car into a complete track machine with superfast gear changes, and instant throttle response making the car a complete beast. Lamborghini has now introduced a fourth mode which is called the EGO, where the driver can now customise the steering, throttle and suspension damping settings.

3. Front and rear design

At first glance, the Aventador S has a similar side profile to the standard car, but that is where the similarities end. At the front the S gets two additional air ducts in bumper and a longer front splitter which improves the downforce and overall front aerodynamics. A black diffuser (optional in carbonfibre) and an active rear spoiler make for the rear of the car. The active spoiler can be adjusted to three separate positions depending on the speed of the vehicle or the driving mode selected.

4. New exhaust system

The R&D team at Lamborghini has redesigned the exhaust, making it lighter by 20% which makes for a better power to weight ratio. For onlookers, it does mean the sound of the V12 would be much louder (as if the old car wasn’t loud enough).

5. New four-wheel steering system

New suspension settings work in tune with the Lamborghini dynamic steering which allows for the rear wheels to also steer and depending on the car’s speed, the rear wheels steer opposite or in the same direction as the front wheels to enhance the overall cornering capabilities of the Aventador S.

The Aventador S is a step forward for Lamborghini in making their vehicles in to much more hardcore track machines. And just reminding you to wipe that drool from your face and encourage/ pester/ force anyone you know who can afford this beauty to go out and buy it.