Ford has collaborated with the gaming community to design, build and race a virtual race car.

The completely new Team Fordzilla P1 project will combine the real-world designers and their expertise with the digital gamers’ virtues. It will be Ford’s first virtual car not to be based on an existing real-world model, which will draw on the specific needs and requirements of the gamers to make it the ultimate track machine. The project will receive insights from captains of Ford’s five Fordzilla esports teams from France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK.

“We all love racing our dream cars but ultimately these are usually painstaking recreations of vehicles that actually exist in the real world,” said Leah Alexandra, captain of the UK Fordzilla team. “It will be an absolute thrill to get behind the wheel of the #TeamFordzillaP1 for the first time knowing that not only have we helped to create it but that no-one else has ever driven it before.”

This unusual collaboration between the auto manufacturer and the racing community will see the designers pitching the key design decisions to the wider gaming community through a series of Twitter polls (@TeamFordzilla). The gamers can then decide upon the design and share their views on the polls. Ford really wants to make it the supreme virtual racing car and such insights from the gamers who lead the way in racing them will be invaluable. “The expertise of gamers is crucial to ensuring that this will be the best-looking car on the grid,” said Amko Leenarts, director, Design, Ford of Europe.

Work on the project has already started and can be followed on @TeamFordzilla Twitter and Instagram channels.