SEAT has stepped into the world of two wheelers with the announcement of its ‘eScooter’ concept. The VW Group-owned firm will launch a fully electric scooter that will offer performance levels equivalent to a traditional 125cc motorcycle.

Other than this tidbit, however, SEAT is quiet on specs and details about the electric scooter. That said, the brand is keen to unveil the concept later this month since this new offering would eventually form a part of the VW Group’s mobility solutions for crowded cities. SEAT’s President Luca de Meo has gone on record, stating that “the constant growth of large cities makes achieving efficient mobility one of the main challenges to overcome”.

The escooter, then, will be developed by SEAT in collaboration with an electric motorcycle brand called Silence in Barcelona, given the city’s affinity with two wheelers and the fact that Barcelona has the most motorcycles per capita in Europe.

Introducing a small electric scooter may not sound groundbreaking anymore, especially for a large-scale automaker, however, this new concept represents SEAT’s first stab at exploring more efficient forms of urban mobility. The brand, in fact, aims to be a big player in electric, sustainable mobility despite the challenges involved.