Nissan has revealed the top-of-the-range NISMO version of the refreshed GT-R, which was unveiled at the New York Auto Show in March.

Finding the exterior changes is a spot-the-difference exercise, with a new front fascia – now made from carbon fibre – and subtle aerodynamic tweaks. As with the standard car, the interior changes are more drastic with a restyled, Alcantara-covered dashboard and a revamped infotainment screen. Although the interior might still not be at the level of a Porsche 911, it is a welcome change since the old one was starting to look somewhat out of place on a car costing over £100,000.

Nissan claims a stiffer body structure compared to the outgoing model, allowing for retuned suspension. Along with increased downforce, this results in subtly improved cornering ability. There’s no mention of any powertrain changes compared to the pre-facelift car, so straight line performance should stay more or less the same.

The NISMO’s relationship to the normal GT-R remains largely the same too. It is slightly lighter, with stiffer suspension and more aerodynamic aids. Larger turbochargers give it 30bhp more, making 592bhp in total.

Apart from the slightly more high-end interior, the changes over the outgoing GT-R NISMO are very subtle, which begs the question whether a £25,000 price hike to £149,995 is justified, as this price tag puts it in the same price range as the McLaren 570S, 911 Turbo S and 911 GT3 RS.