Ginetta has orders for 15 of its Akula model – which was only launched yesterday.

The Akula, launched at the Geneva motor show on 6 March, is a road car with practical boot size and all taxes included in the £340,000 price tag, yet it has been designed to be perfect for the track. With a naturally aspirated V8 engine it has 376kg of downforce at 100mph.

Only 20 cars will be built and the company intends to maintain a close relationship with each customer.

The name Akula was inspired by the russian word for shark, due to the comparative appearance of the vehicle in terms of its fierce sharp lines and gills. The areodynamics and performance of the car were also compared to the predator during the Ginetta launch.

The company has a small factory in Leeds and turns out just 150 cars a year, encouraging  customers to visit the factory themselves and meet the team.

All parts are made in the UK where the entire operation is led from, which not only makes Ginetta a very rare breed in the automotive world, but also very endearing. How impressive then, that they have created such a menacing machine.