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RONAK SURANA @ronaksurana16 2.59pmRonak Surana

Pininfarina has unveiled its first car, the Battista. Named after founder of Pininfarina, Battista is claimed to be the most powerful road-legal car ever produced. The electric hypercar was developed working with Pininfarina's owner, Mahindra, taking advantage of its five years of Formula E technology development. The Battista's 120kWh battery powers four motors, making 1900hp and 2300nm of torque. Designed in-house by Pininfarina's designers, the Battista will be launched next year, will be hand-built and is limited to a run of 150 cars. Paolo Pininfarina, chairman of Pininfarina Spa said, "My grandfather Battista Pininfarina designed cars for others, but he always wanted his design to have his name. Today, his dream has come true."


FARIS SULTAN @fss_automotive 1.48pmFaris Sultan

Alpina has unveiled its B7 LWB, based on the BMW 7 series. It has a 3.4-litre V8 bi-turbo engine which produces 608bhp and 800Nm of torque. The big saloon can achieve 0-60mph in 3.6 seconds. The car has new features like the two new intercoolers and larger rear brakes. Inside there's exclusive silver leather and dash lighting which changes depending on which driving mode it is in.


FARIS SULTAN @fss_automotive 1.37pmFaris Sultan

Morgan unveiled the Plus Six, replacement for the now-departed Plus Eight. It incorporates the all new CX structure – the name stands for 110, denoting Morgan's 110th anniversary. The Plus Six is the first turbocharged Morgan and that is due to the latest engine provided by BMW which is an inline six. The engine produces 335bhp and the Plus Six is capable of accelerating from 0 to 60mph in just 4.2 seconds and can go up to a top speed of 166mph. The car weighs only 1075 kgs.


SOPHIE MIDDLETON @missophialouise 1.34pmSophie Middleton

Nissan's IMQ concept is a crossover with advanced hybrid technology. With autonomous capability on city streets and more torque than a GT-R GT3, it is causing quite a stir. It's powered by the same e-POWER system as the Japanese-market Nissan Note which combines 100% electic motor drive with a gasoline engine that charges the battery. Nissan also announced that they will be bringing e-POWER to european roads by 2022. 


DAVE KIRBY @DaveKirbyGB 12.50pmDave Kirby

German electric car and bus manufacturer E-go said it will begin producing the Life city car eight days from now. The company will produce 3,500 of them. Bosch batteries are used, and there is even a sports variant. Buyers might have to wait until next year to get theirs as the company has almost sold out of the capacity it can build this year.


RONAK SURANA @ronaksurana16 12.48pmRonak Surana

Rimac unveiled its C Two electric hypercar concept. It has a carbon fibre monocoque and has a massive 1914hp and 2300Nm of torque, with energy coming from a 120kWh battery pack. It's said to achieve 0-100km/h in 1.97 seconds and 0-300km/h in 11.8 seconds, topping out at 412km/h (256mph) with a range of 550km. The production version will be out next year, and will be limited to 150 units.


FARIS SULTAN @fss_automotive 12.32pmFaris Sultan

Here's Christian von Koenigsegg unveiling the all new Jesko hypercar. The Jesko, named after his father, incorporates a modified version of the Agera’s 5.0-litre twin-turbo V8 and produces around 1,600 bhp on E85 biofuel. It is capable of over 300mph, faster than the current production car speed record of 277mph held by the Agera RS. The car has a new design but definitely looks like a Koenigsegg and incorporates all the elements that resemble the brand. The car has redesigned door hinges so the doors can open at a slightly higher angle to avoid kerb damage.


VENKATESH KOUSHIK @VenkiKoushik 12.22pmVenkatesh Koushik

Honda's e prototype is the next phase of the Urban ev concept that was showcased at the 2017 Frankfurt motor show. It's a city car with 200km range and the ability to charge to 80% in 30 minutes and a host of innovative features like camera rear view mirror and multi screen interior display. It will go into production by the end of the year, leading Honda's aim that by 2025 it will provide Europe with 100 percent electric cars.


RONAK SURANA @ronaksurana16 12.13pmRonak Surana

Jeep's first plug-in-hybrids in Europe were unveiled by CEO Jeff Hines. Plus-in versions of the Renegade and Compass are said to emit less than 50g/km CO2, can do 50km of electric only range and have a top speed of 130km/h on batteries only. The Renegade 4x4e will go on sale by the end of 2019, while the Compass will be available early next year.


SOPHIE MIDDLETON @missophialouise 11.19amSophie Middleton

Aston Martin Lagonda has revealed four new models including the DBX crossover. CEO Andy Palmer said "the DBX will be more like a private jet to drive in than a car", and emphasised the innovative new design process which made the car. But although it is the first SUV for the company, the crossover did not draw the most crowds - as Palmer focused more on the hypercar vision for the company in his speech.

The 1,100 bhp Valkyrie prototype was unveiled shortly followed by project 003, which today was named the AM-RB 003, and finally the Vanquish Vision concept. The Vanquish Vision will be a core production mid-engine car and a critical step for Aston's second century plan. Palmer outlined a "mid-engine blood line" for Aston Martin, driven by the hypercars revealed today. A brand new Aston Martin V6 engine will be built in the UK - a huge step forward for the company. Palmer also emphasised the importance of motorsport for the company's strategy, and announced a new partnership with the BRDC Autosport Young Driver of the Year Award.

Aston Martin Lagonda seems to be going from strength to strength, an observation focused on in Palmer's speech, and it is the busiest stand I have seen so far.

FARIS SULTAN @fss_automotive 11.15amRonak Surana

Mercedes Benz unveiled a new electric van called the EQV, a facelifted GLC, and the CLA shooting brake. The EQV is its first electric van and has a range of around 400km. It will be in production by September. The GLC has been very successful for Mercedes and it has sold around 1.5 million  worldwide over the last decade. The facelift includes new petrol and diesel engines, and a connectivity function called “Hey Mercedes” which functions with voice, touch and hand gestures. The new CLA shooting brake has dramatic proportions and sleek lines – a perfect balance between usability and sportiness.


VENKATESH KOUSHIK @VenkiKoushik 11.08amVenkatesh Koushik

Fiat Chrysler premiered two new concepts as a part of its 120 year celebrations. The first was its first plugin hybrid, the Alfa Tonale crossover named after the Tonale pass in Italy. The second was a future electric and connected mobility concept called Centoventi (below) that shows the concept of less is more for Fiat.


DAVE KIRBY @DaveKirbyGB 10.20amDave Kirby

Seat CEO Luca Meo revealed the new Cupra Forentor concept. This will become Cupra's first standalone model and is not expected to have a Seat equivalent. Meo says it's the 'best product in our history'. The car is half SUV, half sports car and is to be sold as a high performance plug in hybrid, promising 50km range in just EV mode and less than 28g/km of CO2. Seat also unveiled the el-born fully electric concept with 420km range and 204ps output, chargeable in 47 minutes and featuring level 2 autonomous technology. Finally Seat revealed its new minimo 100% electric quadicycle concept which will take up the same amount of space as a motorcycle, will have level 4 autonomous technology and cost the same to use as public transport.


DAVE KIRBY @DaveKirbyGB 10.07amDave Kirby

Skoda says it is shifting its emphasis from 'car manufacturer' to 'mobility provider'. The Czech brand showed the Klement mobility concept e-bike, which promises 60km of range, and the all electric Skoda Vision IV concept (below). The striking design is one of ten electrified models the company hopes to release by 2022. Finally the production-ready mini SUV Kamiq took to the stage. Kamiq means 'things that fit perfectly', and with its highly efficient petrol and diesel engines, 10 inch virtual cockpit, 9 inch central touchscreen and the fact the car is 'always online', this shows Skoda's commitment to moving their brand upmarket, away from just being the poorer relation of Volkswagen.


VENKATESH KOUSHIK@VenkiKoushik 10.04amVenkatesh Koushik

Tata Motors H2x concept is a micro SUV. It is aimed to take on the KUV 100 and the likes. The new car has a host of smart connectivity features and shows the future and Vision of TATA motors. Along with the H2X concept, Tata launched the all new Altroz, Tata's answer to the Baleno and i20. It will go on sale by mid 2019. An EV version of the car was also showcased. There are also two new Tata SUVs, based on the Land Rover Discovery platform, called Buzzard and Buzzard Sport.


SOPHIE MIDDLETON @missophialouise 9.59amSophie Middleton

Volkswagen has launched new Passat variants, plus the I.D buggy and T-ROC R. The Passat models will feature emergency steering assist and travel assist which enables a semi automated mode for the vehicle. The R Line edition will be limited to a production of 2,000. Volkswagen stated "2019 is not just about sales figures. We are making excellent progress in the digitalisation of our products and company". By 2025 there will be more than 20 all electric vehicles in the Volkswagen line up, and the T-ROC R and I.D buggy are at the forefront of this vision. The buggy has been highly anticipated, and a preview today at Geneva stirred some excitement. According to Volkswagen, the electric drive kit used to power the vehicle will be available to third parties - just like the beetle in the ’60s.


 @VenkiKoushik 9.36amVenkatesh Koushik

Kia has unveiled a new electric concept car, Imagine. It has a bold design, with lightning being the theme. The Kia logo illuminates and the 'tiger face' lights are turned on when the driver walks towards the car. The interior has a series of individual screens on the dashboard to display different information about the vehicle. Kia also showed the e-Soul electric SUV in Europe for the first time. It's powered by an electric motor producing 64kwh. The range is expected to be 455km - 600km in city driving.


RONAK SURANA @ronaksurana16 9.17amRonak Surana

Porsche's new 911 cabriolet has a roof that retracts in just 12 seconds. That's two seconds faster than its predecessor, and it works at speeds up to 50km/h. Porsche CEO said, "Porsche is one of the very few companies who still develop the roof covers themselves. This is because cabriolets are special for us. Today, every third 911 we sell is a cabriolet or a targa."


FARIS SULTAN @fss_automotive 9.04amFaris Sultan

Mercedes' new GLE 53 AMG will be brand's strongest small seven seater. It produces 435 horsepower from a 3.0 litre twin-turbocharged six cylinder engine. The car has new AMG features such as the new steering wheel and dynamic functions. It incorporates an active drive control system which aids in keeping the vehicle steady and incorporates a new driving mode for sandy conditions.


SOPHIE MIDDLETON @missophialouise 8.56amSophie Middleton

Lamborghini's Huracán Evo has been launched at Geneva. Chairman and CEO Stefano Domenicali revealed the new coupé and spyder, stating "we are the designer of experience". Both models boast an aspirated V10 engine with 640 horsepower, and are the first Lamborghinis with predictive logic on vehicle dynamics control.


FARIS SULTAN @fss_automotive 8.55amFaris Sultan

Audi has revealed three all-new fully electric cars. The E-Tron GT concept is a four door sedan which will be in production by the end of 2020. Audi also revealed the E-Tron sport-back which is a dynamic and usable SUV that has a range of more than 400km. The third is the Q4 E-Tron concept which has an extended wheel base due to the huge battery packs it carries, which ultimately provide a wider space in the cabin. The interior is luxurious and carries new features such as the augmented head-up display. The Q4 E-Tron also sees a further extension in range to up to 450km. Audi will continue to expand their electric range in the upcoming years, along with plug-in hybrid options.


DAVE KIRBY @DaveKirbyGB 8.40amDave Kirby

Bugatti has revealed the 1500hp La Voiture Noire. CEO Stefan Winkelman talked of the glorious times and challenges that made the company what it is today. The new €16.7 million La Voiture Noir, powered by a verison of the 8 litre, 16 cylinder engine in the Chiron, pays tribute to the best elegant models of Bugatti's past like the beautiful Atlantic of the 1930s. The iconic horse shoe nose and Bugatti sign make a return and Winkelman calls it the 'pinnacle of their product portfolio'.


SOPHIE MIDDLETON @missophialouise 8.36amSophie Middleton

Bentley Continental GT Number 9, the second special model for Bentley's  centenary, was revealed by Bentley CEO Adrian Hallmark. Inspired by the race number of Sir Tim Birkin and the legacy of his Bentley blower, the grille features a number 9. A small section of the crankshaft from Birkin's original car will be placed into the dashboard, and the classic chrome organ stops have been replaced by gold plating. Only 100 will be released.


SOPHIE MIDDLETON @missophialouise 8.23amSophie Middleton

Formula E returns to London! The electric racing series will be host a race on a world-first indoor-outdoor track at the ExCel and London Docklands in 2020. The series organisers said: "we are so happy to bring electric racing back to London". Previously, the London ePrix was held at Battersea Park to host season finales in 2015 and 2016.


RONAK SURANA @ronaksurana16 8.18amRonak Surana

BMW has announced plug-in hybrid variants of the new 3-series and 7-series saloons, and the X3 and X5 SUVs. The fourth generation of BMW's PHEVs will offer upto 80km of fully electric range. Harald Krüger, CEO of BMW said, "BMW plans to launch 10 plug-in-hybrids by the end of the year and have 25 electrified cars including 12 fully electric models by 2025, starting with the iX3 next year."


DAVE KIRBY @DaveKirbyGB 7.47amDave Kirby

Renault's fifth generation Clio was unveiled by deputy CEO Thierry Boille. Built on the new Alliance platform, the car is more compact yet offers more space, 26 litres in the boot which is now the class leader. But it's inside where it really feels special. A 10.5 inch digital cluster for the driver and a 9.5 inch vertical multimedia screen tilted to the driver adds to a more driver focused interior. Add that to a higher console, short gearstick, higher quality mayerials, LED headlights even on the entry level model and the promise of 'warm, bright exterior colours' add to a more dynamic and athletic exterior. Renault's new vision of electric, connected and autonomous shows the future for the model. Autonomous level 2 technology and even an E-tech hybrid with 80% urban electric driving will be available from 2020. Renault knows they have big shoes to fill in this competitive class, and they want to continue this important model's role in its story.


RONAK SURANA @ronaksurana16 Ronak Surana

Jaguar's I-Pace has won the Car of the Year 2019. The British manufacturer's first all-electric vehicle won over tough competition, especially from the Alpine A110, tieing at 250 points. It won by being the top choice for more jury members from the 60 member jury from 23 European countries. The electric SUV is powered by a 90kWh battery with Jaguar claiming a 292 miles range.

gims jag

SOPHIE MIDDLETON @missophialouise Sophie Middleton

Within 30 minutes of arriving in Geneva I was sitting behind the wheel of a new car. The Tesla Model 3's highlights – explained to us by a suited Frenchman – include the 15in centre touchscreen which is used for all functions of the car, and an electronically controlled steering wheel adjustment system. Everything about the car is modern and sleek, with a minimalistic interior.

It's certainly unusual to see a show car inside of an airport, but it has more than set the tone for our three day trip to the Geneva Motor Show.

Tesla's Model 3 isn't available in the UK yet, but it's here in Geneva. This Tesla on display at the airport will be one of the first things journos see when they arrive for the show, which opens tomorrow morning.


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Welcome to our live coverage of the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show. Our team of reporters will be covering all the news as it happens throughout the day, from Ferrari's F8 Tributo and Aston Martin's Valkyrie to the Polestar 2 and Honda's new electric vehicle. Stay right here for all the new cars and reaction.