Coventry Transport Museum is celebrating women in motorsport with a new exhibition. 

Curatorial Manager of the Museum, Elisabeth Chard-Cooper, says the exhibition was inspired by the success of women in motorsport. 

She said: “It came from within the industry itself. We get quite a lot of grassroot supporters who come through, so it’s a really inspiring area to look at as an industry and for us as a museum. 

“Hopefully it will inspire the next generation of engineers, drivers and designers.” 

On display includes a variety of race cars old and new, from Kaye Petrie’s famous Austin 7 from 1937, to a Formula E car from Jaguar Racing. 

Sebastian Vettel’s Same Love T-shirt from the Hungarian Grand Prix is another famous exhibit, with the exhibition also celebrating those from the LGBTQ community also involved in motorsport. 

“It aims to promote that openness and show that everyone is now welcome in motorsport, and that if you have the passion and the enthusiasm, you can get involved,” said Mrs Chard-Cooper. 

The exhibition is available to see from now until 31 May.