Affordable automotive safety technology is the aim of 4D imaging radar company Vayyar, with its single-sensor in-cabin safety chip that can perform the tasks of multiple sensors at once.

The ‘Radar-on-Chip’ platform is capable of sensing, mapping and imaging targets in a car’s entire cabin to support multiple safety systems at once, including detecting intruders, triggering seat belt reminders and alerting emergency services in case of an accident.

The price point for a Radar-on-Chip is similar to that of a single-function 2D or 3D radar solution, explains Ian Podkamien, Head of Automotive at Vayyar. “It replaces over a dozen other sensors and negates the need for expensive light detection and ranging (LIDAR), while supporting future safety features via software updates.”


Vayyar aim to have the technology available for consumer vehicles from model year 2023, meeting all of the related Euro NCAP requirements coming into place in 2023 and in 2025.

“As regulations and standards for five-star safety ratings are rising, automakers are moving away from traditional solutions,” said Podkamien. “Now more than ever, safety is top-of-mind right across the industry. That’s why the use of dozens of single-function sensors to support key safety applications is being reassessed.”

Vayyar’s analysts forecast over 200 sensors in cars by 2030, as well as a 40% increase in sensor costs. The company suggest that their technology will save car manufacturers and suppliers millions of pounds each year by reducing the number of sensors in cars.