A stretch of sewer used in the filming of The Italian Job should be listed by Heritage England says Kevin Conway, who organised a celebration and commemorative plaque for the sewer.

"I have asked the area to be listed through Heritage England and listed through tourist information,” says Conway who sees the location as a great platform for Coventry’s City of Culture in 2021.

Conway recently organised the unveiling of a plaque to commemorate the sewer’s role in the film, attended by three replica Minis and stunt drivers from the film, Remy Julienne and David Salamone.

The sewer, located in Stoke Aldermoor is near where Conway lives. “It will do a lot for the area in terms of community cohesion,” he says, adding that he believes the historic connection to the iconic sixties film will bring new money to the area and will “help people be proud of the area they live.”

The iconic scene featuring the sewer saw three Minis fleeing from the authorities using the sewer as part of the escape-route.