Aston Martin has launched DBX 707 which has been equipped with a series of significant mechanical upgrades that make it the world’s most powerful SUV. 

Chief among them is a re-tune of the same turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 engine found in the normal DBX. 

Now making 697bhp, 25% more than standard, the DBX 707 eclipses its main rivals such as the Lamborghini Urus (641bhp) and the Bentley Bentayga Speed (626bhp) in total power output from a luxury SUV. 

On the increase in power, Aston Martin’s Head of Powertrain, Ralph Illenberger said: “With this exceptional new model we have truly unlocked the performance potential within the DBX to create a world beating high-performance SUV. 

“The huge gains we have found in both power and torque demonstrates not only the inherent prowess of the 4.0-litre biturbo V8, but Aston Martin’s appetite and ability for finding uncompromising engineering solutions.”

To further cement its supremacy in this increasingly competitive segment, Aston Martin's also equipped the 707 with what the brand calls its all new “wet clutch” 9-speed automatic transmission, which is said to be quicker and more responsive. 

With greater power, a more reactive gearbox and added launch control, the 707 achieves the 0-62mph sprint in just 3.3 seconds, 1.2 seconds faster than the normal DBX, and its top speed peeks at 193-mph. 

A strengthened limited-slip differential, coupled with Formula One-derived carbon ceramic brakes have also been fitted to the car, in order provide greater handling and stopping power. 

To help differentiate it from the standard DBX, the exterior has also been made to look more aggressive and bespoke, with black trim detailing, a redesigned spoiler and larger quad exhausts collectively creating a greater presence against its rivals. 

There are changes to be found inside too. Though as an upgrade on the normal DBX, the 707 comes fitted with the more supportive Sport Plus seats as standard, while the switchgear comes finished in stealthy, dark chrome. 

Prices for this more potent version of Aston’s first luxury SUV will start from £189,000, making it £27,000 dearer than the standard car, and deliveries will commence in mid-2022.