The McLaren 675LT Spider is a limited track-focused car that was built for pure enthusiasts who really appreciate and enjoy driving. Many of these cars are hidden in collections and are treated as ‘garage queens’ but some get properly exercised.

“I have driven many cars on the track, but I cannot compare anything to the 675LT, but because of the balance and the stability it has on the track,” says Mohammed Al-Hasni, a successful Omani businessman. “It makes you feel confident and you can push it further and further.”

Al-Hasni bought his 675LT after seeing it at the Geneva motor show. “I immediately fell in love with it. I sat in the car and felt like it was built for me, so I went for it. It was unique, and McLaren just did an amazing job with this car," he says.

The McLaren costs Al-Hasni approximately £20,000 per year to run. The 675LT Spider is not his only car but he daily drives it sometimes on normal roads. “The car drives amazing on the road. It has a quick steering reaction, its fast, and I just love it. It is just a little noisy as it is a track-focused car,” he says.

“I have driven the McLaren 720S, 570s, and the 540s. They are good cars, but none of them are track-focused. They are very different to the 675LT and you just can’t compare them on track,” he added.

Al-Hasni enjoys lowering the roof when the weather is good, and loves the noise the car makes – “the pops and bangs are just fantastic," he says. Al-Hasni’s favorite memories with the 675LT are driving on the track at Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi, and the usual drives on twisty mountain roads in Jabal Akdhar in Oman.

“I think McLaren are doing a really good job in a very short period of time. I think they are just great
 and I would definitely buy another one. They might have small issues with their cars since they’re a new manufacturer, but all manufacturers have defects with their cars and I would still buy another McLaren. The experience I am getting from McLaren is making it special because they organize many drives and track days,” said Al-Hasni. “The manufacturer does that, and I don’t think many manufacturers do it the way McLaren does.”


Pricing: From £7.99 for 1 litre spray bottles

Car cleaning products vary in terms of ability in what they’re meant to do. Power Maxed, created five years ago, is probably better known for its Power Maxed Racing team in the British Touring Car Championship, which sets out 'to be different and compete and out do most of the big players in the field’.  

Since using Power Maxed broad range of cleaning products, I’ve become more thorough in my car cleaning, as the results speak for themselves after the clean. To start I found a pre-wash product sprayed directly onto the wet bodywork loosens the dirt and removes bugs and grime. Their Traffic film remover, tar off, blizzard snow foam & car jet wash & wax have various forms of application, but all do a direct job of preparing the bodywork, lifting off the worst of the dirt, before being rinsed off for the main bodywork shampoo.  

Not everyone applies pre-wash, but it does contribute to a better clean. The very least people can do is use just one form of wash shampoo, and Power Maxed ‘Shampoo & Ultra Wax’ is better than most products offering both shampoo and wax combinations in one solution. The product contains Carnauba wax, and afterwards the paintwork leaves a a glossy, just waxed shine appearance. The foam boosters make the most of bubbling up those suds and the product is easier to spread over an area before it’s time to dunk the sponge. It’s a sign of a good product if those suds remain on the bodywork to attack the dirt after the sponge/mit has been applied.

Finally on test for this brand was their range of in car cleaning products. The upholstery cleaner is by far one of the best I’ve come across. The deep cleansing formula removes stains, odours from cloth upholstery, needing very little elbow grease, while working just as brilliantly to remove dirt in the half leather seats that were on test. While on the subject of leather, often a forgotten part of car cleaning and protection, the brand’s ‘Leather protector’, should be used afterwards, polishing and restoring leather to prevent cracking whilst rejuvenating old-looking leather. It even smells good afterwards too.

In conclusion, Power Maxed products are competitively priced, and very good at what they do. However you won’t yet see them on the shelves at most motor-factor stores. They are appearing to break through a competitive sector with big names such as Auto Glym and Turtle wax dominating customer’s eye-lines in shops. For now, you can purchase their products directly at their website, and they have a pop-up trailer selling their products at all current BTCC races in the UK. The company has also developed cleaning products for motorbikes and caravans, as well as fuel and oil fix additives and sprays and lubricants.


Car crime is surging once again across the UK, with both old and new cars particularly exposed. Thieves are just as aware of the ever increasing desirability of the classic car market, and target old cars which still have relaxed security. Meanwhile there has been a surge in modern car crime, as thieves have adapted to using clever technology to ‘hack’, stealing modern keyless cars without any damage to gain entry to vehicles.

I test the security locks in terms of Thatcham approved status to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of both the Disklok and Stoplock Pro Elite. Both can only be successfully broken with the aid of loud power tools for several minutes. There are cheaper alternatives in the market, but beware, the cheaper security locks simply don’t put up enough of a fight when they are attacked.


Pricing: £119.99-£124.99

The ‘Disklok’, is the original champion in both visual deterrents and steering wheel security. The device still covers the entire wheel, and comes in three sizes to fit modern wheels with air bags. When attacked, the steering lock spins, and thieves have no way to control the steering or drive the vehicle. The product is favoured so much, the insurer funded research centre body ‘Thatcham’ have given it a Cat 3 approved status - which will reduce insurance premiums. The downside of the Disklok, is the sheer weight and cumbersome design, which takes up useful space in the vehicle cabin, particularly awkward if regularly full with passengers. Removing and refitting after every journey would become tedious, but then if that’s what it takes to deter thieves and keep your pride and joy with you, then it’s a routine worth getting used to.

Stoplock Pro Elite

Pricing: £59.99

The Stoplock ‘Pro Elite’ is the toughest steering lock from the company. Again the ‘Original Stoplock’ design has been with us for a number of years, however the similar styled ‘Pro Elite’ is far more superior at preventing theft. Providing a universal fit, featuring twin locking forks and a deeper bend to allow for size tolerance. As well as being a visual deterrent, the stronger compound materials make this one of the toughest steering locks on the market. The addition of a Thatcham Cat 3 approved status means that this steering lock is just as difficult for thieves to bypass. Add that to the fact it costs half the price of a Disklok and is much easier to store, the ‘Pro Elite’ is the most recommended thief deterrent steering lock on the market. If you needed any further persuasion, the device won security tester’s ‘Sold Secure Gold Award’ in 2018. 

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